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Wintertime is here! How should you best handle your Summer clothes storage? Jay Dee Cleaners

Wintertime is here!  How should you best handle your Summer clothes storage? 

I know.  Summertime seems so far away.  Why worry about it now?  Trust me, it’s worth your time to make sure your summer wardrobe is in good order come Spring.

A little prevention in this case is certainly worth a pound of cure!  Take some time to get your summer/spring clothes ready now for the warm weather.  So when warm air strikes, you can pull out your fresh, clean summer/spring clothes without worry.

How can you do this?  Well first, wash and dry clean your winter clothes before storing them.  This makes sure any stains don’t have months to set into your favorite shorts.  Even if you don’t think you have a stain, you might.  Some stains start out as invisible and then darken over time.  Not to mention, insects will love that sugary stain you didn’t notice, and invade your closet.

Once your clothes are clean, be sure to store then in a cool, well-ventilated area, and that’s not your attic or garage.  A dark area is best, but do not suffocate your clothes in a plastic bag.  Plastic encourages moisture, and moisture can create mildew.

Do these things and welcome winter with open arms!

As always, if you need help, Jay Dee Cleaners is just a phone call away.  We are in your neighborhood every week.  Give us a try and receive $10 off your first order.  You will love us!