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Why Dry Clean your clothes?


Why pay someone to clean your clothes when you can just run them through your washing machine?

Here are several reasons why it pays to dry clean:

Longevity of clothing: Your clothes will look brighter and newer, longer.  Repeated home washings will zap the shine and gleam out of your clothes.  Dry cleaning, which does not use water, keeps your clothes looking bright and clean, longer.  Dry cleaning ensures your clothes last longer, while looking good!

Removal of stains:  Stains can be hard, almost impossible to get rid of.  And, chances are you may damage the fabric while trying.  Different stains require different treatments, which stain removal technicians are trained to administer.  Let the professionals, with specialized dry cleaning know how, tackle those stains.  A dry cleaners will  pay special attention to what kind of fabric they are dealing with and know how to remove stubborn stains, while leaving your fabric looking great!

Time saving:  Taking your clothes back and forth to the dry cleaners is time consuming.  Busy people can better spend their time elsewhere.  Let Jay Dee Cleaners come to you.  We will pick your clothes up at your house, and deliver them back to you!

Stretching/Shrinking:  No more washing a favorite, new garment only to find that it has shrunk, and that great fit is no longer there.  Dry cleaners are professionals that specialize in all kinds of fabrics.  Using a dry cleaning service ensures that your clothes will be the same size and shape as they were when you brought them in.

Buttons:  Dry cleaners repair loose buttons or sew new ones one, if necessary.

Yellowing:  If you leave a stain untreated, over time it will oxidize and cause unsightly yellowing.  Using a dry cleaners frequently will ensure that your stains are thoroughly cleaned.

So contact Jay Dee Cleaners in Euclid OH or Highland Hts OH for your dry cleaning needs