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Should you leave your clothes in our plastic bags when you bring them home?  Jay Dee Cleaners knows....

Plastic Bags and Breathable Storage Solutions

Should you leave your clothes in our plastic bags when you bring them home?Recyclable Battiston's Poly Bag Short answer: No.

We put a lot of effort into pressing and finishing your clothes so they look great and ready-to-wear right out of the bag.

Emphasis on "out of the bag."

Plastic dry cleaning bags, known internally as "poly," are not intended for long-term storage. Plastic isn't breathable. Moisture in the air can foment mildew, which then can't escape. This is especially true when you're storing clothes in a bedroom closet, which may be near your bathroom and your steamy shower.

Poly bags are great when it comes to transporting your garments, as they keep your items wrinkle-free while they're on our racks, in our home delivery vans and in your car. (In fact, using poly bags as a buffer between items in your suitcase can help keep your suits and other items wrinkle-free when you're traveling.)

When you bring your clothes home, though, you should take them out of the plastic before placing them in your closet. Clothes like to have air to breathe. Store them with no bag, or in breathable bags made out of organic material.

As for the plastic, bring it back to us. We can send it back up the food chain to our suppliers for recycling. (Yes, Jay Dee Cleaners bags are recyclable! See the photo to the right.)