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Jay Dee Cleaners helps you look good right down to your shoes

We will make any nesssary repairs and then give them that

professional shine that will win you second looks . .  every time!!

* Clean & Polish  * New Heels

*Soles (half & Full)  * New Laces

The importance of cleaning shoes.

Cleaning your shoes is not only about maintaining a clean, immaculate physical appearance, but is also about keeping your shoes hygienic, healthy and comfortable. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your shoes should be treated with the same level of importance as regular maintenance of your own personal hygiene; as important as showering, bathing and brushing your teeth. Just cleaning the exterior of the shoes may seem important to the majority of people but interior sterilizing is the key factor in preventing future ailments.

Do you Clean your shoes??

For approximately 90% of people, the answer is “NO”, and the reason is simple that they couldn’t be bothered putting in the effort of deep cleaning, scrubbing and polishing their shoes, all for a barely noticeable result. Meanwhile, for the other 10% who do attempt to clean their shoes, they only deal with the problem on the surface of the shoe, neglecting the care and maintenance of the lining and interior of the shoe. As a result, shoes that are not being cleaned, or are improperly cleaned, end up being unhygienic, and not lasting as long as they should.

Why should you clean your shoes?

Studies show millions of units of bacteria is found on your shoes. Bacteria can be carried to your home and to your carpets which can cause un-healthy hazards. Bacteria, Fungus and other microbes which grow by perspiration are absorbed by your shoes. Sweat and Bacteria may cause athlete’s foot, and chronic shoe odor.

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