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Our prices include pick-up and delivery. We don’t charge anything extra for picking up and delivering your clothes. We will also deliver them the next day at no additional charge. Just put a note on the inside of your bag to let us know. Thank you!

* base price some up charges apply



PANTS                                                8.95                                    Comforters Bedspreads Blankets

SPT-JKT - BLAZER                             9.15                                  TWIN                                   26.15

SHIRT LAUNDRY                               3.35                                   FULL/DOUBLE                   31.70

POLO                                                 5.05                                    QUEEN                               35.60

HAND FINISH LAUNDRY                 5.30                                    KING                                    38.25

SWEATERS                                        9.15                                    DOWN FILLED ADD          10.00

SUITS                                                17.95                                    REPAIRS

DRESSES                                            19.15                                 Pants Zippers                    14.30

SKIRTS                                               9.60                                   Hem Pants                         14.30

BLOUSE                                              9.15                                  Waist In/Out                     14.30

JACKETS                                           16.30                                  Sew Button                         3.00 

COATS                                               21.70                                   Jacket Zipper                    28.50

FORMALS                                        25.50

            SERVICE SCHEDULE                                                                        ROUTE SCHEDULE

IN                                          READY  by 4pm                               PICK UP                              DELIVER             

MON                                                  WED                                    MON                                   THUR

TUE                                                     THUR                                   TUE                                      FRI                                      

WED                                                   FRI                                      

THUR                                                  SAT                                      THUR                                   MON

FRI                                                      TUE                                      FRI                                       TUE

SAT                                                     WED                    


Press Only 70% of each garment price.

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