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Jay Dee Cleaners need your help

Could you do us a big favor?

And get $5 for you efforts.

Would you go to Google or Yelp and search for Jay Dee Cleaners in Euclid or Highland Hts. and write us a review?

It would mean a lot to help us build our "on line reputation". Below are some links that should get you there.

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Naturally, I'm hoping for good ratings. If you have something bad to say, call me at

 216-731-7060 and let's talk about it.

I want to hear your complaints, it make us do better.

I'll give anyone $5.00 in free cleaning for helping us build our on-line reputation (no matter what you say) with any and all of these reviews.

You should get an email with the $5 coupon in it soon as you do the review.

If not, just shoot me an e-mail at,  

let me know you have rated us…and I will credit your account as a "thank you."

make sure you put the phone number and which store you use with us so I credit the correct account.

Dave Sabo and the Jay Dee Family