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How to care for you sweaters and wools for the Fall from Jay Dee Cleaners

With the cooler weather coming upon us, take care wearing wool and sweaters

It’s oh, so easy to damage a knit garment. Often, your drycleaner can undo the harm you inflict, but your garment will last longer and look better if you follow these simple steps:


•Don’t push up the sleeves! Yes, your drycleaner can reblock the garment, but that process won’t be effective forever. Eventually, the resiliency will be gone, and the only way you’ll be able to wear the item is with a pushed up look, and there are times that just won’t work for you.

• Take care not to stretch the neck when putting it on and taking it off. Gently lift and remove.

• Don’t wear heavy weight brooches or pins (they’ll pull on the delicate threads and eventually have you talking to your drycleaner about his reweaving services).

• Remove pins promptly and never put knit garments away with jewelry still attached.

• Handbags, belts and even safety seat belts can be a source of abrasion that can cause pilling. Wear them with care.

• Don’t let anyone stick an adhesive nametag on your knit wear.